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Features of the Astro Finance Restructuring Loan

Features of the Astro Finance Restructuring Loan

With the Astro Finance renovation loan, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance can be carried out together with the complete renovation of the building and the purchase of new products, such as a swimming pool for the garden or even a new shower.

The company guarantees, after the payment of the first 6 installments, the two options “Change Installment” and “Skip Installment” useful if the customer wants to change or postpone the installments according to his needs: the two options can be requested via SMS, going to the Customer Center or simply on the online site in the Customer Area.

You can apply for the loan even if you are a customer of another bank, the funds, in that case, are paid directly to the bank account of the chosen bank. Any project aimed at the type of loan chosen will be fully funded.

Requirements to apply for the Astro Finance restructuring loan

  1. Be of age
  2. Having an income
  3. Being resident in Italy
  4. Be in possession of your own bank account.
  5. Last and most important of all: it is imperative to have a credit reputation and not be on the list of bad payers.

Requested documents

  • it is important to have a valid identity card.
  • The tax code.
  • A document that demonstrates income.
  • It is also necessary to present a domicile document: if the domicile should be different from the address on the identification document, another document must be attached, such as the registration certificate.

Loan details

Amount to be requested
The amount that can be requested varies from 1,000 to 60,000 USD.

Installments number
The number of installments ranges from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 120.

Interest rates applied
The TAN and APR interest rates are 6.25% and 6.43% both fixed.

Duration of funding
The duration of the loan is 8 years.

Insurance coverage
Insurance coverage is not mandatory, but you can include it in the loan installment by paying it monthly.

Timing and method of delivery from the approval of the file
As for the timing of delivery, the fastest way is to rely on the online site with a minimum wait of 2 days and a maximum of 4.

Method of disbursement and reimbursement
The method of disbursement is made by transfer directly to the bank account, while the refund is made by direct debit from the bank account.

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Example of financing with calculation of the installment.

  • amount requested: 15,000
  • amount of the cheapest installment: 182USD
  • the loan has a duration of 108 months, or 9 years in total
  • fixed rate forever
  • TAN of 6.25% and APR of 6.43%.

How to apply for Astro Finance restructuring loan

How to apply for Astro Finance restructuring loan

The easiest and fastest way to apply for and obtain the Astro Finance restructuring loan is surely that of the online request: with a click you can access the page of the chosen loan, writing the amount you need together with the type of project you want to finance under the writing “apply for your loan online”.

  1. The first step is this: choose the project to be carried out (for example ‘renovation works’) together with the amount you need.
  2. Once the loan has been calculated and the most convenient proposal has been chosen, you must click on ‘request financing’ where the page on which to enter your personal data will appear.
  3. The last step to complete is the digital signature.

The loan can also be requested by phone with an operator available from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 19.30 or by going to the nearest branch with or without an appointment.

Summary of the most important features

Summary of the most important features

To fix key points.

Loan details
Amount to be requested FROM 1,000 TO 60,000 USD.
Maximum duration of funding 8 years old.
Rate of installments The installments are monthly.
Guarantees required you need to attach a document proving your income.
Refund procedure The refund is made by direct debit from the current account.
Insurance Not mandatory, but you can get it by including it in the financing price.
Type of rate applied the interest rate applied remains fixed from start to finish.
Rate percentage TAN of 6.25% and APR of 6.43%.
Skip the installment the installment is skipped thanks to the “Skip installment” option.
Requested documents Identity card, tax code, prove your income and domicile with a document.

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Reviews for Astro Finance renovation

Reviews for Astro Finance renovation

Specifically – loan for restructuring – we have not found relevant opinions online, more generally, what we can say is that the opinions on the Astro Finance Bank are positive , or rather there are few negative reviews especially if we consider the huge number of personalized loans and targeted loans that the bank makes every year. For more details in this regard, we recommend reading the article “Astro Finance Bank – Review and Financial Products”.

How to contact Bank Astro Finance

How to contact Bank Astro Finance

Another method of contact is to use the assistance area on the site or you can contact or go directly to the local branch. To find out which one is closest to your home, you can use the online tool “Where we are”.

As for contact via email, we have not found any useful email address for this purpose on the site.

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