Fast loans: types and possible solutions

Fast loans: types

Fast loans: types

Fast loans are dedicated to those who need to obtain a certain sum of money urgently and therefore in a very short time, for example for an unexpected and unexpected expense: in fact the waiting times that characterize them range from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 48 hours. As regards the limits relating to the amounts, generally the threshold not to be exceeded is between 50 thousand and 70 thousand USD.

A peculiarity of fast loans is that requests to obtain them can be sent directly online: in this way, practices are dynamic. The main types of this loan are:

  • fast loans changed
  • urgent loans
  • instant online loans
  • 24-hour loans without paychecks

Quick loans changed

Quick loans with bills of exchange are the most common example of this form of financing: not only employees with a paycheck can access it, but also pensioners and self-employed workers and even bad payers and unemployed people.

Depending on the category of belonging, obviously, it is necessary to provide different guarantees : for example, employees are required to present the TFR accumulated together with the paycheck certificate, while for self-employed workers there is an obligation to show a life insurance policy signed for at least a couple of years and the Single Model of past years.

If pensioners can only show the pension certificate, those whose name is indicated in the CRIF and the unemployed to aspire to a swift loan, must offer a property owned as collateral, or alternatively make use of a guarantor, i.e. a third party willing to repay the debt in the event of insolvency by the person who benefited from the loan. The installment to be paid is obviously represented by the bill of exchange, which is nothing more than the indispensable credit instrument for having the money and whose share varies according to the amount required, the income and the number of months in which the repayment is split.

Urgent loans

Urgent loans are particular loans according to which the requested money is granted within 24 hours : the aim of a solution of this kind is to satisfy the needs of those who are struggling with an expense that cannot be postponed too far. One of the characteristics of urgent loans is that the amounts are limited, usually under 10 thousand USD.

As regards the guarantees necessary for banks and credit institutions, self-employed workers are required to present the Single Model of the previous year, while for employees, the paycheck is sufficient. It should not be underestimated that the interest rates are somewhat convenient, because they are very low.

Instant online loans

Fast online loans are almost instant loans (in 24 hours you can have the approval of the loan) which, as you can easily imagine, can be requested and disbursed directly through the Internet , taking advantage of the immediacy and timeliness of the web. Very often this type of loan is usable thanks to the formula ” assignment of the fifth of the salary ” or ” assignment of the fifth of the pension “, especially if the credit institution or the financial company that provides the loan has an agreement with INPS , which provides a direct connection with the CreditoNet service platform thanks to which whoever evaluates the loan disbursement has all the necessary data to be able to assess the position of the applicant and consequently can decide very quickly (sometimes automatically) whether to grant the loan.

The documents needed to apply for a fast loan online are: identity document, tax code, paycheck (in the case of employees) or the pension slip (in the case of pensioners), you can complete the necessary procedure in a few clicks, it being understood that – obviously – each credit institution has the right to request further documents.

Loans in 24 hours without paycheck

Finally, continuing in the review of fast loans, here are the loans in 24 hours without a paycheck . To request them, it is necessary to fill in a form that is usually also found online, on the bank’s website to which you intend to apply: in order to obtain this type of fast loan it is essential to specify not only the amount you want, but also the recovery plan envisaged, without forgetting to indicate what income you have.

Since these are fast loans without a paycheck, the income in question does not derive from a salary , but can correspond to a credit to a current account or to any other type of income , such as the income deriving from the rent of a couple of apartments. These fast loans are assessed and accepted in no more than 24 hours, thanks to the work of the consultants who analyze and examine the related questions.

If it is ascertained that one or more requirements are not respected, however, it is not said that the fast loan without a paycheck is refused: in fact, the lender may decide to offer the applicant an alternative solution, obviously free of charge and without no commitment from the customer. Always with immediate procedures and with the utmost speed imaginable.

Age limits to apply for a quick loan

Age limits to apply for a quick loan

When some categories of people (in this case we are talking about the elderly) a fast online loan, sometimes, lenders set age limits beyond which it is not possible to apply for a loan, such as a pensioner who has reached the threshold maximum of 72 years , while in other cases, this super dynamic loan can only be granted to those who have a permanent employment contract. In the event that, on the other hand, the loan is granted to a person with a fixed-term contract, instead, the condition is applied that the duration of the loan is not longer than twice the duration of the contract. For more information on the age limits in which a pensioner can apply for a loan, we recommend reading the article: Loans for pensioners repaid within 90 years



Fast loans, in conclusion, represent the reference solution for those who need liquidity in a short time, for example because they have to face an unexpected and urgent expense: knowing the various proposals made available by lenders allows you to identify the one more in line with your needs.

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